What you can get from Bakery Komugiba

The best place to shop for some baked goods is at Bakery Komugiba! This little yet robust shop in Hokkaido, Japan has everything you need from bread to sweet delights. If you want to have an idea of what it offers, below is the store menu:


Bread is the staple food of all European countries because of its rich content of carbohydrates. Aside from that, bakers can yield a lot of pieces in one batch of cooking, which makes it available for all people. Through countless baking and experimenting, there are now multiple types of bread.

Here are the types of bread you can find at Bakery Komugiba:

Garlic bread

Garlic bread is the crowd favourite of Bakery Komugiba’s customers. This bread appears as a thick slanted cutlet with a buttered surface and is topped with herbs. Typically, you would find garlic bread as a side dish for pasta and charcuterie boards. In terms of cooking, garlic bread can be grilled until toasted or placed inside a traditional oven.

Banana bread

Next to garlic bread, banana bread is also a favourite because a single slice can easily fill you up and last until lunch! At the shop, you can either buy a slice or a whole loaf of banana bread. This bread is made up of mashed bananas, and can include raisins or chocolate chips.


The french bread, or baguette, is something you are familiar with. This appears as an elongated loaf with thick crusts and sliced centres. Like normal loaves, you also have to slice the baguette into thinner pieces to enjoy it. When ordering a baguette at Bakery Komugiba, the staff would ask you if you want strawberry jam, butter or cheese to go with your order.


If the French have a baguette, then the Italians have ciabatta, a flat white bread made out of wheat, flour, water, salt and oil. This type of bread is best to use for footlong sandwiches because of its wide body. As for its taste, expect to have an aromatic experience you will never forget!

Multigrain bread

One of the healthiest types of bread is multigrain bread. Its preparation is the same as other types of bread, but it differs on the added whole grains. These can include rye, rolled oats, flax seeds, chia seeds and cracked wheat. Upon your first bite, your mouth will get a taste of a rough texture that softens after every munch.


If you want to have a sour experience, you should try the signature sourdough of Bakery Komugiba. This bread is special because of the unique starter of the shop. It has live lactobacillus that releases lactic acid, which is responsible for the sour taste. When eating sourdough, you should try pairing it with an aged cheese to balance the sourness.

Pita bread

Pita bread is the famous pocket style flatbread of the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries. This is made out of flour, water, some yeast and salt. Afterwards, the bakers will toss the dough in the air to achieve a disk-like shape. 

To eat a pita, you can either fill it up with vegetables and meat or tear them apart and dip them into hummus one by one. You can also eat some vegetables together with your pita bread. 


Pies are the ultimate afternoon snack or early dinner meal. This dish contains pastry dough casings that protect its fillings, which can be anything you want it to be. Bakery Komugiba offers the following pies:

Blueberry pie

The most popular pie of Bakery Komugiba is blueberry pie because of the sweetness of the fruit. In terms of preparation, bakers do not need to pit or peel the fruit since it is readily made. Aside from that, this pie has a bottom and top crust, which can be a crumble or whole type.

Strawberry lattice pie

You can easily spot a strawberry lattice pie because of its intricate top cover. In this pie, the pastry doughs are cut into lines and are fastened with one another. Inside, the filling is mashed up with strawberries and some bite-sized pieces of fruit to provide texture. As for its smell, it gives out a fragrant sweet aroma that can attract your attention.

Lemon meringue pie

The lemon meringue pie is the holy grail of multiple textures. In just one bite, your mouth will encounter several consistencies because of the crunchy pie crust, mushy tart and soft cream. This pie is something you have to try because of its tangy flavour due to the presence of lemon.

Apple pie

In autumn, Bakery Komugiba prepares a lot of apple pie because it is the best dessert of the season. It can go with any warm drink you have at home, and it will keep you filled for the rest of the day. On top of that, the familiar apple scent will invite you to visit the doors of the shop and have a whole pie.


You can have cake at any time of the day, and no one can ever judge you for it. This is a classic dessert that can comfort you from any bad experience, and it is also there to celebrate great moments. With that, Bakery Komugiba has the following cakes available for your indulgence:

Yellow butter cake

Yellow butter cake is the best type you can go to for celebrations. On the outside, you can have different casings such as chocolate, while the inside shows you soft yellow fillings. This is popular among children because of its buttery and sugary flavour. 

Red velvet cake

You should try having a slice of red velvet cake because of its cool crimson colour. On top of that, it has ermine icing that balances out the sweetness of sugar. Besides that, grabbing a bite of this cake will give your mouth a velvety experience. 

Carrot cake

Carrot cake is not the typical healthy vegetable cake you thought it to be. This dessert will mask any trace of carrot taste and envelope it with a sweet crunchiness. That is why this is perfect for both people who love and hate vegetables because it tastes as if you are eating ordinary cake!

Sponge cake

If you think that cake is soft, you will be surprised by the ultra-softness of sponge cake. Like an actual sponge, you can easily squeeze this cake in one bite, and it will release sweet vanilla or chocolate filling.


If you want to have the perfect balance of salty and sweetness, then the cheesecake is for you. This cake has a dense graham cracker crust, and it has a thick filling. Bakery Komugiba has a plethora of cheesecake flavours, and you should try every single one of them!

Lava cake

For some thrill and surprise, order a mountain slice of lava cake. As you cut through its centre, the magma-like chocolate filling will start to drip down to your plate like lava, hence the name. Eating this cake is a sure mess, but all the trouble will be for it.


If you think about it, brownies are bite-sized pieces of cake. It comes in different flavours, but its consistency is the same as cake. In Bakery Komugiba, we offer a box of complete brownie flavours that you can gift to someone or for yourself.